C M R Logistics is able to recover thousands of dollars for our clients through our freight bill auditing program by uncovering inaccurate rates, duplicate payments, erroneous product descriptions and clerical/computer errors. Our comprehensive audits cover all transportation modes, including international.

Common Errors

  • Technical Descriptions
  • Precise dimensions, density and weight
  • Improperly applied negotiated rates
  • Extensions
  • Data entry
  • Charges for services not provided

Performance Measurements

  • Audit each bill for complete accuracy
  • Generate cost reduction
  • Customized management reports
  • Complete understanding of commodities being shipped and received
  • Logistics partnership with central accountability
  • Dedicated resources
  • Focused on efficient, cost effective transportation/distribution
  • On-site logistics personnel for complex transportation requirements
  • Quality customer service and strong commitment to personalized and professional service

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